Meet Natalie


Owner &  Expressions Curator 

I am a mother, wife, and now entrepreneur. I began pouring candles in June 2020 as a means to manage stress and depression, but I have loved candles since I was a young child. My battle with depression began in 2019 and not shortly after, to my dismay, Covid-19 hit. It was a trivial time for me personally. My husband and those around me didn't know how to help me out of this dark time, although they wanted nothing more. One day, a coworker suggested that I tried pouring candles. I did, and in September of 2020, I decided to turn this therapeutic hobby into a business and put that love, life, and light into each expression. Creating, curating, and sharing my candle company  has awarded me a healthier life. Mentally and emotionally.


About Eleven13 Candle Co. 

Eleven13 isn't your average candle company. We're an expression candle company. This means we put in the extra effort to connect your sense of smell to moods, memories, and moments that have or may not have been experienced..... yet. Our candles intentionally speak the feelings, thoughts, moods, vibes, and energies of every woman and any occasion. 

If you're reading this, know that your mental and emotional health is important. Talk to someone if you need to. Find a creative outlet like I did. Be kind to and patient with YOU! Most importantly, EXPRESS YOURSELF!  

Thank you for supporting the small business

that changed my life.